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The college writer: a guide to thinking, writing, and researching

Autores: John Van Rys, Verne Meyer, Randall VanderMey y Pat Sebranek

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No matter where you are in the writing process or how confident you are in your writing, THE COLLEGE WRITER: A GUIDE TO THINKING, WRITING, AND RESEARCHING, 7E offers valuable guidance and support. This fully updated four-in-one resource provides a rhetoric, reader, research guide, and complete handbook for writers of any skill level. Updated professional and student writing samples highlight important features of academic writing — from organization to documentation — while modeling strategies and timely topics to use in your own papers. A reader-friendly organization leads you through the process of composing academic and research-based essays. Revisions emphasize how to craft strong paragraphs and thesis statements, analyze and respond to readings, and compose multimodal texts. With MindTap, you can even choose an online, multimedia learning experience with an eBook, audio and video files, weblinks, practice exercises, and bonus content on test-taking, workplace writing, and oral presentations.

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English accents & dialects: an introduction to social and regional varieties of English in the British Isles

Autores: Arthur Hughes, Peter Trudgill y Dominic Watt

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Variation in English — Dialect variation — Received Pronunciation — Regional Accent variation — British Isles accents and dialects —

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American English phonetics and pronunciation practice

Autores: Paul Carley e Inger M. Mees

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American English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice provides an accessible introduction to basic articulatory phonetics for students of American English. Built around an extensive collection of practice materials, this book teaches the pronunciation of modern standard American English to intermediate and advanced learners worldwide.

This book:

• provides an up-to-date description of the pronunciation of modern American English;

• demonstrates the use of each English phoneme with a selection of high-frequency words,

both alone and in context in sentences, idiomatic phrases and dialogues;

• provides examples and practice material on commonly confused sounds, including illustrative pronunciation diagrams;

• is supported by a companion website featuring complete audio recordings of practice material to check your pronunciation against;

• can be used not only for studying pronunciation in the classroom but also for independent practice.

American English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice is essential reading for any student studying this topic.

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The functional analysis of English: a Hallidayan approach

Autores: Thomas Bloor y Meriel Bloor

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The Functional Analysis of English is an introduction to the analysis and description of English, based on the principles of systemic functional linguistics. It sets out the tools and analytic techniques of Hallidayan grammar with clear explanations of terminology and illustrates these with examples from a variety of texts, including science, travel, history and literary sources. This revised third edition incorporates references to recent research, better explanations of complex problems, and additional exercises. 

Key features:

  • an updated overview of applications to real world issues
  • revised sections on the current historical position of systemic functional grammar
  • simple introductions to agnation, grammatical metaphor, and information structure
  • chapter summaries, suggestions for further reading, exercises with answers and a glossary of terms
  • a companion website with additional activities, exercises and supplementary readings for students and instructors 

This third edition is an indispensable introduction to systemic functional linguistics, which can be used independently or in preparation for M.A.K. Halliday and C.M.I.M. Matthiessen’s Introduction to Functional Grammar. The book is an ideal text for students of linguistics, applied linguistics and grammar- those new to the field, or who have a background in traditional grammar, as well as teachers of English language.

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Using functional grammar: an explorer’s guide

Autores: David Butt, Rhondda Fahey, Susan Feez, Sue Spinks y Colin Yallop

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Studying scientific metaphor in translation: an inquiry into cross-lingual translation practices

Autor: Mark Shuttleworth

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Studying Scientific Metaphor in Translation presents a multilingual examination of the translation of metaphors. Mark Shuttleworth explores this facet of translation and develops a theoretically nuanced description of the procedures that translators have recourse to when translating metaphorical language. Drawing on a core corpus consisting of six Scientific American articles in the fields of neurobiology and biotechnology dating from 2004, along with their translations into Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian, Shuttleworth provides a data-driven and theoretically informed picture of the processes that underpin metaphor translation. The book builds interdisciplinary bridges between translation scholars and metaphor researchers, proposes a new set of procedures for metaphor translation conceived within the context of descriptive translation studies, and puts forward a possible resolution to the debate on metaphor translatability.

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Teaching pronunciation: a course book and reference guide

Autores: Marianne Celce-Murcia, Donna Brinton y Janet M. Goodwin

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Updated and expanded to include advances in theory and practice, Teaching Pronunciation Second Edition is a comprehensive treatment of pronunciation pedagogy. This revised reflects recent research into sound system of North American English and illustrated innovative practices in pronunciation pedagogy.

New in the Second Edition:

Autentic recordings, including examples from the Cambridge Corpus of Spoken North American English, illustrate the pronunciation features of real speech.

Two audio CDs (now included) provide native speaker and nonnative speaker discourse samples for analysis.

Numerous examples from current textbooks highlight pedagogical principles.

A discourse-based revision of the treatment of prominence and intonation reflects current research.

Many applications of technology illustrate state-of-the-art developments in the teaching of pronunciaton.

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Technical writing for engineering professionals

Autora: Darla-Jean Weatherford

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Technical Writing for Engineering Professionals provides a toolkit for developing technical reports quickly and efficiently. The book offers clear, specific guidelines for developing each of the sections (abstract, conclusions, introduction, and discussion) and designing and using graphics that illustrate your results. Weatherford’s approach can be applied in all types of writing, from email and letters to project proposals and final reports. The book also includes tips for using English that will help keep your writing crisp and clear. Anyone in a technical profession, from intern to management, who wants to implement a better, faster, and more consistent approach to writing will benefit from reading this book.

Key Features

  • Understand the process of writing a technical report, from the time you know your conclusions until you present it to your supervisor, client, or professional organization.
  • Get a quick overview of each chapter in the «short form» summary at the beginning, and use the handy checklist at the end to critique each part of your report as you write.
  • Learn to read literature efficiently and critically and take notes that will help you write your own reports as well as how to cite material that will lend strength to your work.

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The Little, Brown handbook

Autores: H. Ramsey Fowler, Jane E. Aaron y Michael Greer

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The Little, Brown Handbook is an essential reference tool designed to help students find the answers they need quickly and easily. While keeping pace with rapid changes in writing and its teaching, this meticulous handbook combines comprehensive research and documentation with grammar coverage that is second to none. Incorporating detailed discussions of critical reading, media literacy, academic writing, argument, and much more, The Little, Brown Handbookis an accurate, reliable, and accessible resource for writers of varying experience levels and in a variety of fields. The 14th Edition includes over 90 new student samples, new learning objectives, updates to MLA and Chicago style, a new chapter on writing about literature, and more.

The Little, Brown Handbook is also available via Revel™, an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience. Learn more aboutRevel.

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