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Global business management foundation

Autor: Leslie P. Willcocks

Puedes solicitar el libro aquí: 658.18 WILg

Despite the flattening effects of globalization, international business demonstrates huge diversity and complexity. This book is about understanding global business contexts, threats and opportunities, the drivers and nature of globalization, multilateral organizations, and the political, economic, social, technological, and legal differences that regions and countries exhibit. This book addresses how businesses devise strategies that work internationally, in different parts of the globe, plan entry strategies for new markets, and decide on alliances, evolution and growth.

To compete globally, businesses also need to work hard at the detail of managing – designing structure and organization, devising sourcing and supply chain arrangements, establishing information systems that perform globally, and managing international human resources. In eleven chapters, this book provides a foundation to these subjects based on teaching undergraduate and masters degree courses at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and running executive programmes around the globe over many years. Specifically the book:

•Gives a research-based grounding to international business.
•Discusses cultural, ethical, and social issues for international business and policies on corporate social responsibility.
•Introduces international trade and investment, multilateral organizations, regional integration, and the global financial system.
•Details how firms develop international business and marketing and R&D strategies, enter markets and alliances, and evolve on the global stage.
•Gives insight through frameworks, studies and examples of how businesses manage organization structure and architecture, sourcing and the supply chain, information systems and human resources, globally, regionally and domestically.

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